RoboInCoP The mechanical way of cleaning the greenhouse.

The mechanical way of pollination of the flowers.

All over the world, harmful insects are combated with pesticide poisons, with beneficial insects, with traps and with the denial of their entry inside greenhouses with insect-proof nets. All over the world pollination is implemented with hormones and bumblebees. Results of these methods are extensive costs and serious side effects.

Aim of the proposed project:
A mechanical application for cleaning greenhouses and a combined mechanical application for pollinating flowers.
Expansion of the basic idea:
The proposed project aims at the development of a vehicle that will roam autonomously using a liquid-gas powered generator inside the greenhouse, with the assistance of sensors and utilizing a map of the greenhouse it will follow every night. During its movement: 1) the forward part of the vehicle will blow with an appropriately strong air current each plant from the roots to its top, with the result of forcing insects to flight and thee pollen to float and 2) at the back of the vehicle a suitable light concentrates the insects which with the assistance of a suction vent, traps and stores insects in water container.

During his movement:
1) From its front, it blows with a suitably strong air stream every plant from the root to the top, causing the insects to fly and at the same time the pollen is suspended and
2) At the rear of the vehicle a suitable light gathers the insects, which, with the help of an absorber, sucks them and stores them in a bucket of water.

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