Geothermiki S.A

Inventiveness & Expertise
Modern & Quality Constructions

Geothermiki S.A. is a Greek market leader for four decades. With main business in manufacturing metal greenhouses it covers all needs in this area.

It is also known for the quality constructions of poultry and livestock chambers, of snails and mushrooms farms and all kind of buildings. Since 2008 we also operate in the construction of steel bases for photovoltaic panels.

Consistent and accountable to its customers, GEOTHERMIKI SA is committed to providing high-quality, technologically refined constructions that respond to all modern needs.

Trust the experience and technical excellence of our constructions!


The high quality of construction that characterizes GEOTHERMIKI has been our guide to the construction of photovoltaic support systems. We have complete solutions of fixed, reclining and trackers of photovoltaic support bases at economical prices. We are able to satisfy your every requirement!


GEOTHERMIKI SA, with its long experience in the construction of greenhouses, offers a range of solutions for every modern need of cultivation. Find the greenhouse type that suits you, between multispan/multinspan gothic / tunnel type and garden. And, of course, trust our experience and the technical excellence of all our constructions!

Poultry farms

Poultry farms of greenhouse type (tunnel) or conventional metal structures? Whatever you choose, GEOTHERMIKI will design with meticulous precision the construction that perfectly meets your requirements. The experience, reliability and proven quality of construction are the guarantee for the development of the poultry units we manufacture..

Sheep Farms

GEOTHERMIKI SA provides its customers with two different solutions in the construction of modern, economical and sanitary sheep farms. Choose a greenhouse type (tunnel) or a conventional metal structure and ensure ideal wellness conditions for remarkable productivity of the animal population!

Mushroom Farms

Greece has favorable conditions for cultivating mushrooms. However, domestic output is significantly below consumption. Create a new mushroom production unit or expand your existing plant by taking advantage of the modern, quality and cost-effective solutions of GEOTHERMIKI SA.

Snail Farms

Snail farming is particularly environmentally friendly, with low initial investment costs and can provide high yield. Come and recommend modern, economical construction for both breeding chambers and fattening sites. A profitable investment starts … from the excellent construction!

GEOTHERMIKI S.A, for 4 decades, is close to you with quality technical constructions!
Metal greenhouses, Poultry farms, Mushroom farms, Snail farms, Mounting Systems for Photovoltaic Systems.
We design & provide the construction that meets your requirements and ensures profitability of your investment!