Geothermal Greenhouse

Geothermal Greenhouse

  • The system has been introduced to the Greek market by the company since 1981
  • Significant experience in specialties and construction philosophy
  • The principle of operation is based on spraying water between the two plastic covers
  • The creation of 5 insulation layers of cover in extreme weather conditions helps to maintain proper conditions inside the greenhouse (7 ° C indoor temperature)
(Σχέδια της εταιρείας από το 1981)

What has changed since 1981 to date?

The research developed by the company, combined with the improvement of building materials, has led to an improved greenhouse issue. The parameters constituting the greenhouse disadvantages have been improved or eliminated:

1. Increased shading conditions due to double skeleton and double plastic

2.The ventilation issues

3.High Construction Cost

Βελτιωμένη έκδοση του θερμοκηπίου που δοκιμάστηκε στο ΑΠΘ

Απουσία 2ου σκελετού
Δυνατότητα αερισμού με πλαϊνά ανοίγματα

Improved plastic compared to 3 decades ago – permeability was about 65% and now reaches 90%

Schematic form of today’s version of the geothermal greenhouse without the presence of the 2nd skeleton

Temperature setting in double cover:

  • Inner plastic cover
  • Water film layer
  • The air layer
  • Ice layer
  • External plastic cover

They prevent the heat from escaping, acting as an insulator and an obstacle in the outgoing without artificial heating radiation

Trapping of the thermal radiation when the temperature is particularly low due to the strong contribution of the ice layer – as the cold increases, the ice thickness increases, keeping the temperature indoors up to 7oC for external -20oC

Saving compared to typical greenhouse construction of 80%

Construction details

Τρόπος φουσκώματος πλαστικών
Γραμμή μπεκ στον κορφιά
Αεραντλία για φούσκωμα των πλαστικών

Pictures of the system in operation

Ice formation

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