Mushroom Farms

The mushroom cultivation requires facilities, with adjustable environmental conditions (temperature, ventilation, lighting, humidity,etc.) throughout the production process.
Geothermiki S.A. constructs mushroom production chambers, with controlled conditions, which is a special arched type (tunnel) greenhouse. The chambers can be placed in series or in two facing rows with a walkway in the middle. The frame of the chambers consists entirely of galvanized steel pipes of various diameters.

The covering of the chambers is a special insulation “sandwich” consisting of: (outside to inside)(a) outer layer of polyethylene (or transparent polyester sheets), (b) of fiberglass insulation filling and (c) inner layer of polyethylene.
The sides and the doors are manufactures of polyester sheets with fiberglass insulation or panels made of polyurethane.
The chambers are equipped with a set of internal microclimate control equipment (air conditioner, high pressure fog systems with sprayers, ventilation fans, shading systems, and automation board) which varies in the terms of air cooling capability and cost. The long – term experience of Geothermiki S.A. guarantees the best result in the construction of mushroom farms.

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