Snail Farms

Geothermiki S.A.provides solutions for any kind of construction, relative to the production of snails. In the reproduction chamber there are controlled conditions of temperature, humidity and photoperiod. There is also total control of the growing biology of snails, so we can have reproductive outcome regardless of the season period.

The fattening rooms are garden nets made of galvanizes metal frame especially designed for the needs of snails breeding. Internally, they are divided into fattening parts with electrified fencing, feeders and shades. The young snails immediately after hatching are transferred o the fattening rooms and are placed inside the feeders. They remain there for a period of 3 to 4 months until they reach to a commercial size. Inside the garden nets the maintenance of the requires humidity, for the growing of the snails, is achieved by the usage of fogging systems.

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