Multispan Gothic

The impressive design of the Gothic arch of the SERRA G series of greenhouses offers the manufacturer a unique combination of high strength at extremely affordable prices.

Made entirely of hot-dip galvanized steel or with Sendzimir method and compatible with multiple options that meet the ideal operating conditions, it offers an excellent environment for any use.

Available in four different widths, with a choice of ridge height.

Type Width (m) Height (m) Length of main structure (m) Diameter of main pipe
Serra 150G 15.0 2.6-4.0 2-2.5 2”-50×100
Serra 160G 16.0 2.6-4.0 2-2.5 2”-50×100
Serra 180G 18.0 2.6-4.0 2-2.5 2”-50×100
Serra 192G 19.2 4.0-5.0 2-2.5 2”-50×100


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