Reclining and fixed mounting for PV systems

Reclining Mounting

Geothermiki SA has designed and constructed a new metal mounting system for inclining photovoltaic panels. This new mounting system, which has been officially patented, has the ability to change the angle towards the South. This results in an increased annual production of energy up to 8%, compared to the fixed PV systems.

This invention of Geothermiki comes to bridge the gap between the “fixed” photovoltaic mounting systems and the trackers. However, the most important point of this system is that it is offered at a very competitive price. At the same time the expected profit is increased by 5% to 8%, in comparison to a “fixed” mounting system.

Fixed Mounting

Geothermiki SA has designed and constructed a comprehensive range of quality “fixed” metal mounting system, covering the needs for projects in the fields, flat and sloping surfaces and on roofs.

In addition, Geothermiki makes the efforts, that its’ unique and high quality products will be always offered at an extremely competitive price. The design and development department takes care of all unique technical needs for each project, providing in each case tailor-made research analysis and construction. In this way we avoid the usual common solutions that are offered in the market and we achieve the best possible financial gain for our customers.




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