I grasp the opportunity to seek a direct contact with you, through the web, in order to discuss various issues.

Our long-term presence in the field of metal constructions, counting 32 years of continuous and fruitful work, has given us the inventiveness, experience and expertise, which have been continually enriched by your own visions and needs worldwide.

Starting in the early years, with the tobacco processing machinery, we shifted to the construction of greenhouses, modern installations for sheep and poultry farms, buildings, mounting systems and trackers for photovoltaics etc. Nowadays, living in the era of rescheduling, we feel ready, more than ever, to invite you to share with us the competitive advantage of our long-term expertise, along with our plans and visions. To invite you our clients, our collaborators, our friends, our antagonists, the thoughtful people dealing with the same or similar issue.

Then, following the same responsibility, the same consistence ant the same technological excellence, we would like to create along with you, even more modern constructions, which will serve your continuously emerging needs.

With my warmest regards,

Yiannis Batsis

Geothermiki S.A. is a Greek market leader for almost four decades. Its’ main business is manufacturing of steel frame galvanized greenhouses and it has designed and produced over 20 types of greenhouses, covering the whole range required in this area. It is also known for the quality constructions of poultry and livestock chambers, of snails and mushrooms farms and all kind of buildings.

Geothermiki S.A., thanks to its highly trained staff, is a pioneer in designing, researching and improving the metal constructions. The fully automated modern production space of 6,000 square meters, provides its customers with high quality products certified according to the international quality standard ISO9001:2015.

Geothermiki S.A. offers full technical support by specialized teams, achieving full compliance with its commitments to the customers. Our company’s aim is to succeed full satisfaction, high quality and services and after the sale.

Geothermiki S.A. operates internationally through its network of subsidiaries and dealers. The subsidiaries are based in Poland (GEOPOLSKA sp. Zoo), in North Macedonia (GEOTHERMIKA TEH) and Ukraine (GROUP IMAGO). Official partners for sales and technical support can be found in: Romania, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Serbia, Albania, Croatia, Hungary, Russia, Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The company’s continued presence in major international exhibitions in Greece and abroad is a factor that indicates the international outlook and orientation of Geothermiki.

Since 2008, Geothermiki S.A. is dynamically active in producing steel mounting systems for photovoltaic panels. Geothermiki listened to the changing demands of the market and the massive shifts to investments on alternative energy, primarily solar panels. So, it designed and constructed a complete range of photovoltaic mounting systems (reclining and “fixed”), providing modern and quality solutions in a rapidly developing and demanding market.

In GEOTHERMIKI SA we are proud of the quality of our constructions and the long-term trust of our customers. The non-negotiable relationship “quality of manufacturing – customer satisfaction” is what drives us, for four decades, in the continuous improvement of our services. By aiming to further enhance the satisfaction of our customers and partners, we continue to raise our standards of quality, following international quality standards.

In this context, we have obtained certificates and approvals from international bodies and from the Agricultural School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Some of these distinctions can be seen below: