Reclining Mounting

Geothermiki SA has designed and constructed a new metal mounting system for inclining photovoltaic panels. This new mounting system, which has been officially patented, has the ability to change the angle towards the South. This results in an increased annual production of energy up to 8%, compared to the fixed PV systems.

This invention of Geothermiki comes to bridge the gap between the “fixed” photovoltaic mounting systems and the trackers. However, the most important point of this system is that it is offered at a very competitive price. At the same time the expected profit is increased by 5% to 8%, in comparison to a “fixed” mounting system.

Fixed Mounting

Geothermiki SA has designed and constructed a comprehensive range of quality “fixed” metal mounting system, covering the needs for projects in the fields, flat and sloping surfaces and on roofs.

In addition, Geothermiki makes the efforts, that its’ unique and high quality products will be always offered at an extremely competitive price. The design and development department takes care of all unique technical needs for each project, providing in each case tailor-made research analysis and construction. In this way we avoid the usual common solutions that are offered in the market and we achieve the best possible financial gain for our customers.




“You have the Idea … We have the way to materialize it”

 In the Photovoltaic units, the use of sun – tracking systems is very common. These systems are called “trackers” and they are ideal, especially, in areas with high percentage of direct irradiation, such as Greece

There are two types of trackers: The single axis trackers, which monitor the daily motion of the sun in the axis East – West and the double axis trackers, which also change their elevation on the North – South axis.

In both cases, the trackers have the ability to follow the daily path of the sun along the respective one or both axes and in accordance with the best seasonal incidence of the sun. Achieving the verticality of the incident solar radiation on the surface of the panels ensures that the annual energy efficiency is increased by 20% to 40%.

Geothermiki SA became active and dynamic in the field of photovoltaic trackers, realizing the rapid growth and the high demand for quality solutions of the PV market. Our competitive advantages are the highly qualified staff, the ultramodern and fully automated production unit and our pioneering design department.

We can design from scratch and construct a single or double – axis tracker, on behalf of any constructions company within the photovoltaic industry, providing fully integrated construction solutions. Also, we can edit existing technical drawings for trackers, produce the industrial production plans and then build the final product.

As part of this activity, Geothermiki SA has undertaken the project to develop industrial production plans and to build, exclusively, the double – axis circular tracker “NEDA”, three years ago. Until now, Geothermiki SA has constructed on their premises a significant amount of trackers “NEDA” for photovoltaic stations throughout Greece (Thrace, Macedonia, Peloponnese, Crete etc). Their total installed capacity exceeds 5MW. The common characteristic in the manufacturing process of these trackers, during the past three years, has been the accurate compliance to technical rules, set by NEDA SA and the undisputable top quality of any Geothermiki SA construction.

GEOTHERMIKI SA has in recent years developed a strong activity in the Renewable Energy Market (RES) through the construction of photovoltaic support systems. Thanks to this activity, GEOTHERMIKI has developed strong cooperation ties with many photovoltaic plant installers and today has created a solid and reliable network of partners.

The intense desire to provide even more qualitative and integrated services to the network of partners resulted in the design and creation of a complete range of steel structures necessary for the complete installation of Photovoltaic Stations.


It is entirely made of steel and heat insulating polyurethane panels. Standard dimension 2 meters wide, 3 meters long and 2,20 meters high. Ability to manufacture in desirable dimensions to suit your needs.

Lightning rod

It is made of galvanized steel tubes of various cross section in height. It is accompanied by all the necessary components of proper anti-nuclear protection. Standard dimensions at height of 12 and 18 meters.

Support mounting for cameras-lights

It is made of hot-dip galvanized steel tube at a height of 2.80 – 3.20 meters with special accessories for cameras, headlights and more.

Support mounting for alarm system (for beam detectors)

It is made of hot galvanized steel pipe at a height of 1.40 – 1.80 meters, with special mounting accessories for all types of alarms.

Inverter mounting

It is made of hot galvanized iron in a standardized size, depending on the inverter configuration to be selected.

Panel Base

It is made of hot galvanized iron in various dimensions depending on the electrical equipment chosen.

Subpanel Base

It is made of hot galvanized iron in various dimensions depending on the electrical equipment chosen.

PPC Meters Mounting

It is made of hot galvanized iron in a specific dimension that meets the specifications of the Public Power Corporation.

Below you can see some indicative photos of our works which were developed with the use of supporting systems made by Geothermiki SA.