Soil blenders

Technical characteristics

Dimensions: Height: 2200mm - Length: 3600mm
Tank capacity: 4 m3
Movement: 2 Drives 2HΡ, 380V

Technical characteristics of conveyor belt

Dimensions: Width: 800mm - Length: 4500mm
Movement: 1 Drive 0,75 HP, 82 rpm
Belt from PVC with drive support


  • Covering: if its installed outdoor
  • Break turf pellet system
  • Electric board

- The supply of the soil blender is made either mechanical with conveyor belt or manual.
- With special system of water spraying for ideal humidity in the blending outcome.
- Delivered with wheels for easy transportation.
- At the end of the operation the soul blender empties mechanically.

Soil blender transportation
Conveyor belt
Movement kit of soil blender
Complete soil blender system
Soil Blender
Soil blender with galvanized tank