Our projects


Panoramic photos

GEO 60 - 2000m2 - Skopje
GEO 80 - 2000m2 - Albania
GEO 80 - 4000m2 - Xanthi, Greece
GEO 90 - 1000m2 - Saudi Arabia
GEOM 80 - 6000m2 - Katerini, Greece
GEOM 90 - 1000m2 - Moldavia
GEOM 90, 1000m2 - Thessaloniki, Greece
S150 - 2000m2 - Veria, Greece
S160 - 10000m2 - Chalkidiki, Greece
S160G - 5000m2 - Karditsa, Greece
S160G - 2000m2 - Cyprus
S160G - 4000m2 - Kossovo
S160G - 13000m2 - Peloponnese
S160G - 60000m2 - Bulgaria
S160G - 2000m2 - Romania
S180 - 3000m2 - Pella, Greece
S192G - 3000m2 - Alexandroupolis, Greece
Glass Greenhouse - 5000m2 - Larissa, Greece
Net Greenhouse - 2000m2 - Oreokastro, Greece
Net Greenhouse - 10000m2 - Sudan
Sludge thermal dryer - 2000m2 - Cyprus
Fruit drying greenhouse, 1500m2 - Pella, Greece
Garden – Glass - Thessaloniki
Garden – Vasilika, Greece
Garden 45 – Chalkidiki, Greece
Garden Center – Abu Dhabi
Garden Center - Alexandroupoli, Greece
Garden Center - Oreokastro, Greece

Technical details

Opening Front Side
Double – plastic absorber
Air heating installation
Cooling system installation
Internal side window
Electric side window
Roof covering with polycarbonate sheets
Perimeter corridor construction
Sludge thermal dryer mechanism
Roof-top window, Butterfly type
Insect shield
entrance hall
Tunnel type for strawberries
Gutter for strawberry tunnel
Pillars by hollow sections


Panoramic photos

Turkey breeding building 1000m2 - Assiros, Greece
Tunnel type poultry 1200m2 - Arta, Greece
Tunnel type poultry 1400m2 - Galatista, Greece
Poultry 2500m2 - Thessaloniki, Greece
Poultry 3000m2 - Chalkidiki, Greece
Poultry 5000m2 - Chalkidiki, Greece
Poultry 6000m2 - Thessaloniki, Greece
Steel frame poultry 1000m2 - Pella, Greece
Steel frame poultry 1200m2 - Arta, Greece
Steel frame poultry 1400m2 - Ioannina Greece

Technical details

Assembly procedure of the metal frame
Inside a poultry of 8m width
Inside a tunnel-type poultry
Reduction gear motor for cooling pad covering
Complete cooling system
Side ventilation window
Front – Entrance hall
Hydraulic hose kit
Hydraulic system for windows movement
Manual side windows
Cooling system installation space

Sheep Farms

Panoramic photos

Greenhouse-type 2.000m2 - Pella, Greece
Greenhouse-type 600 m2 - Fthiotida, Greece
Greenhouse-type 720 m2 - Chalkidiki, Greece
Steel frame type 1.500 m2 - Arta, Greece
Steel frame type 1.200 m2 - Chalkidiki, Greece

Technical details

Wind protection for side window
Installation of roof insulation
Electric side window
Hydraulic mechanism for moving of rooftop window
Milking room

Steel frame Constructions

Ball room, Orestiada - Greece
Logistics warehouse – Sindos, Greece
Industrial building 2.000m2 - Thessaloniki, Greece
Industrial building 3.000m2 - Sindos,
Shop 1.000m2 - Chalkidiki, Greece
Metal ladder - Cyprus
Metal roof - Sindos, Greece
Metal roof of “Avlaia” theatre – Thessaloniki, Greece
Μεταλλικός σκελετός ενεργειακής οικίας - Chalkidiki, Greece
Car parking shades – Oreokastro, Greece

Cattle Farms

Cattle farm, Greenhouse-type 600 m2 - Langadas, Greece
Cattle farm Steel frame type 1.200 m2 - Ioannina, Greece
Cattle farm Steel frame type 500 m2 - Chalkidiki, Greece
Cattle farm Steel frame type 1.000m2 - Chalkidiki, Greece
Rooftop ventilation

Mushroom farms

Inside a mushroom farm
Mushroom farms 1000 m2 - Thassos, Greece
Mushroom farms 1000 m2 - Trikala, Greece
Mushroom farms 1000 m2 - Fthiotida, Greece
Metal frame of a mushroom farm
Mushroom farm 3000 m2 - Trikala, Greece
Insulation of a mushroom farm
Door of a mushroom
Front side of a mushroom farm
Cooling system for mushroom farms

Snail farms

Inside a snail farm - Epanomi, Greece
Snail farm 1000 m2 - Thessaloniki, Greece
Snail farm 1000 m2 - Kavala, Greece
Snail farm 1000 m2 - Grevena, Greece
Snail farm 1250 m2 - Thessaloniki, Greece
Snail farm 1000 m2- Kavala, Greece
Snail farm 1500 μ2 - Marathonas, Greece
Snail farm 1000 m2 - Fthiotida, Greece
Snail farm door

Rabbit farms

Rabbit farm 1000 m2 - Thessaloniki, Greece
Inside a rabbit farm
Dynamic ventilation of a rabbit farm

Tunnel Storages

Tunnel Storages 600 m2 - Serres, Greece
Tunnel Storages 1000 m2 Thessaloniki, Greece
Tunnel Storages 1200 m2 - Chalkidiki, Greece
Tunnel Storages 1400 m2 - Arta, Greece
Perfect use of tunnel storage
Tunnel Storage covered by high resistance membrane
Tunnel storage, 1000m2 - Chalkidiki, Greece

Fish farms

Metal frame of a fish farm
Fish farm construction 1500 m2 - Arta, Greece